Hi, my name is Theresa Miller and I can help you to reach the next level of success in your business and personal goals. I understand what it’s like to feel that you are living beneath your purpose without the satisfaction that comes from living a life of personal fulfillment. You can begin to change your life right now! As you eliminate beliefs and behaviors that have limited your career aspirations and personal satisfaction you will see positive changes in your life right away!

Dr. Theresa Miller has been helping people to reach success in their businesses and personal lives for many years.  She has earned a Masters Degree in Counseling and a PH.D in Psychology and she uses her vast skills, knowledge, and experience to awaken others to their true potential and to inspire them to achieve the greatest results for themselves and their organizations.

A History of Successful Leadership Development

More than twenty years ago she began by creating a comprehensive leadership development program to train managers to interact with their staff in ways that increase productivity and improve staff retention. For nine years she was the Director of Mental Health Consultation and Education for a large social service organization, and has successful experiences in leadership positions in Ohio and Illinois.

Theresa is a former Senior Vice President of Learning and Development in one of the largest social service organizations in Illinois, with revenues totaling $80 million dollars. She has distinguished herself as a change leader and has laid the groundwork for expanding services in a tight economy. She also led the development of the organization's first Leadership Academy, providing assessment, training, and development of high-potential talent to prepare managers for executive leadership.


Dr. Miller is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a certified coach, with advanced training in leadership development. She is an outstanding organizational leader with a repertoire of skills and professional development tools to address the specific needs of both business and non-profit constituents.


Executive coaching, leadership assessment and development, talent management, organizational development, training design, team effectiveness, change leadership, and employee engagement.


Hogan Assessments, Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, DISC, Leadership Circle 360, Campbell Leadership Index, LH-STEP Assessment.

Dr. Miller is an extremely effective talent management professional who successfully helps people and organizations to make rapid and powerful changes to realize ambitious business goals. She is a member of the American Psychological Association, National Association of Professional Women, and she is certified by the International Coach Federation. Dr. Miller is founder and CEO of Miller Advantage Group, LLC.

Not all coaches have the education and training to become certified in the coaching profession. Click the link below to find out why it is so very important to choose a certified coach to meet your business and personal goals.