Step Into You in 2014

Step Into You in 2014

Step Into You in 2014

It’s a busy morning. On the way to work you get a call from your teenager that she’s left her research paper at home. You turn on a dime and head back to the house to retrieve it. When you finally get to work you tackle the 101 things that await you including chairing the adhoc committee meeting that a colleague asked you to join. At the end of the day your sister calls saying that your elderly mother needs you to pick up a few things from the store. You shop, drop the off the items at your mom’s house and finally leave after a stressful back and forth about what her diet is doing to her already high blood pressure.  You finally arrive home and cook two dinners: one for your daughter who is recently vegan and one for everybody else. While you straighten the house you talk on the phone to your sister-friend who is wondering if you wouldn’t mind if she drops little Jeremy off at your house on Friday, and another calls to ask if you can make your famous mac and cheese for her party Saturday. Later, physically and emotionally exhausted, you make a mental note to visit your cousin who is having surgery tomorrow…

Sound familiar? Do you sometimes feel an overdeveloped sense of responsibility for other people and overly involved in their lives?  Well, good news – this year you can take the cure.  In 2014 make your primary focus the incredible you. . Make the pledge to step into your own life!

Yeah, I know it’s scary. The lives of your family and friends would go sliding into the dark abyss if it weren’t for your constant vigilance and service.  Actually, if you stop jumping to the rescue you might find that people are more resourceful than you imagine. And what of your life? How much of your true self have you left on the altar of sacrifice, and how many opportunities for personal fulfillment have you deferred or passed by? Make this the year you put the oxygen mask on your own life before offering it to others.

Coaching Activity:

  1. List the absolute top three things you would like to accomplish for yourself this year.
  2. Select the most important goal and write down the steps to accomplishing it.
  3. Choose a firm date you will take the first step.

Tip: Do this with an accountability partner so that you can keep each other on track all year.

Coaching Challenge:

Go thirty days without taking on any new tasks, granting favors, or sacrificing your “me” time for others.

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Today is the perfect day. This moment is the perfect moment.
— Dr. Theresa Miller