Big Shots/Little Shots


Remember when you were ten years old and longed to be a teenager? Thirteen year olds seemed so cool. Then when you reached your teens you thought twenty one year olds had a degree of finesse far beyond your reach. You didn't realize that they were just ahead on a road that you were also traveling.

We seem never to stop this practice of ascribing magical status to those who are at the next level. The guy seated in the skybox, the one driving the Jag, or that impeccably dressed woman chairing the executive committee must somehow be kissed by the gods - much smarter, sexier, more heroic than we ourselves. We imagine that we are not cut from the same cloth, are not made of the same stuff, and attaining their level seems a far leap - much further than it really is.

Sometimes we tell ourselves, "They must have gotten a lucky break" when the reality is that most people who achieve success do so by identifying their passion, developing a plan, and then working that plan diligently until they obtain their goals. Sure, some people get a lucky boost, but for most it's strategy and dedication not stardust that makes the difference...believing in your own dreams enough to invest the time and discipline it takes to make them a reality. In the words of Christopher Morley: Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting!

Take a true assessment of yourself: What important dreams have you abandoned? Do you have the information, skills, education, or network needed to make them a reality? If not, what is your plan to get the resources you need?

It's not too late to have the life you want, to have the relationships you want, to become the person you want to be. You have what it takes to live a more satisfying, more exciting life. Why not get started today? Make a plan to achieve a single goal. Do something EVERY DAY for thirty days toward making that goal a reality. I promise you that in just thirty days you will have improved your life significantly!


Imagine you have already arrived at your goal and the local newspaper is interviewing you to find out how you did it. Your response will help you to form your strategy to get there!  Now you're on you way so let's keep moving forward!


What do I want to have in my life and what steps do I need to take to make it happen?



At the end of each day write in your journal what you have done that day toward achieving your goal.

Until next month...

You are driving toward your future. Stay awake at the wheel!