Embrace the Moment


Consider this.

"Why art thou cast down, O my soul, and why art thou disquieted in me?" (Psalm 43:5). The writer points to two common conditions: to be cast down (depressed), and to be disquieted (anxious).  Ruminating on past hurts or regrets typically leads to depression, and worrying about future events leads to anxiety. Past and future are products of the mind - they are illusions. All life is lived in the Right Now! I wrote the following passage to help myself to stay firmly focused on the perfection of each moment... this moment.  May it help you to do the same.

 All my best,

Theresa Miller, Ph.D.



I will not sadden myself with thoughts of the past, nor injure my soul with remorse. I will not long for a day I have never seen, nor yearn for a distant joy.

Each day is perfect and sufficient for my happiness.

I will embrace my every moment.

My precious days unfold unseen while I am distracted with cares, regrets, concerns for my future.

I do not have an infinite store of moments in this body, and every one that passes is subtracted from what remains. I will savor each one and treat it gently. I will notice this touch, the music of that voice, even the cramp of my toes in new shoes.

I will embrace my every moment.

I will come out from the shroud and live authentically, dare to reveal my true self. Make amends with innocence and audacity. Give up being brave, being sure, being right, and just be me.

I will embrace my every moment.

I will honor my pain and not run from it. Pain is not my enemy it is my teacher, leading me back to myself and forward to a place where there is no sense of loss.

I will embrace my every moment.

I will not frustrate my spirit by waiting for some happier time. Rather, I will detect beauty in small things, cherish the morning quiet of my room, the cool breeze on my skin, and allow these to thrill me.

I will embrace my every moment.

I will bring less caution and more YES to my life until I find ecstasy in the ordinary and until my soul is a summer child dancing under the sprinklers.

Let the uncertainty of days bring me to reverence. All I have is now. I will savor every instant, exult in each one and call it holy.

Each day is perfect and sufficient for my happiness.

I will embrace my every moment.

Coaching Question:

Am I willing to free myself from the bondage of the past and live my life fully present?


Coaching Challenge:

At various times during the day practice staying in the moment. Notice the emerging green outside, the way the light filters on that table, or the sensation of your back against the chair. Look - really look at the face of your child and experience a love beyond description. Embrace the moment.


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Until next month....

There is no fear of the cycle of birth, life and death. For when you stand in the present moment, you are timeless.
— Rodney Yee