Are You All In?



Why are people willing to sacrifice what they want most for what they want now? Everyone wants financial freedom, passionate love, business success, a happy healthy life, and to achieve a level of mastery in something, but what are they willing to sacrifice for it? It’s human nature to seek the path of least resistance but will that path really get you the rewards that you desire most?

It troubles me that we seem to be living in a name-it-and-claim-it world where good old fashioned persistent toil seems to run counter to new age philosophy. Well, speaking as a seasoned new ager myself, I have found that by adding technical preparation, unfaltering commitment, and hard work to my positive affirmations, treasure maps, and meditations the likelihood of success is increased. The reality is that a truly spectacular pursuit will usually require focus, self-discipline, and an incessant moving forward against any opposing wind.

It happens often that instead of going all out for what we want and experiencing the pain, the frustration, and the long nights; risking security, ridicule, and yes, failure, we get stuck in the realm of half-hearted attempts and false starts – of trying instead of doing. Let’s do it differently this time.

How do you start? Ask yourself some key questions. A better question than “What do I want out of life?” is “What am I willing to give up to get what I want out of life?” There is no way around sacrifice and discipline (self-imposed order) in the pursuit of your dreams. Stop trying to figure out how you can get what you want without being bruised and make a plan, count the cost, and LEAP!


Dr. Theresa Miller


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