Theresa is a fantastic professional coach. Her deep experience allows incredible insight and perception. She provides practical, actionable advice for the real world, right now. It is my pleasure to give the highest of recommendations.
— Nick Murrells, Director, Product Marketing, DENON

Dr. Miller may very well be the most intelligent and thoughtful person I know. She has an uncanny ability to grasp others feelings, experiences, talents and desires. She challenges conventional thinking and has the courage to speak the truth unapologetically. Anyone lucky enough to work with her quickly sees the depth of her value and becomes immediately energized. After every encounter with Dr. Miller, I feel equipped and well prepared to accomplish my goals. I consider it a real privilege to know her.
— Tiffany Dotson, Director, Talent Management and Executive Director, Pfizer

Dr. Theresa Miller has a keen sense of what professionals need to move upward and forward. She led the development of the Leadership Academy that equipped middle managers in her organization to be successful in upper management positions. As a result, her organization’s pool of talented leaders has increased significantly. I would recommend her to any progressive organization for leadership development of individuals, teams, and executives.
— Marsha Ross-Jackson, Consultant/Trainer, Employee Engagement/Retention

Theresa helped me to understand what was holding me back from my success. As a result I have acheived more in a short period of time than I ever thought possible.
— Jarod James, Small Business Owner

For years I experienced a vague sense of dissatisfaction with my work and my relationships. Dr. Miller helped me to see what was missing. I like who I am becoming and I’m much happier with my life.
— Barbara Manson, Business Executive

Working with Theresa has changed my life completely. I am able to create powerful business and personal relationships, and I’m getting the life that I want.
— Sean Leonard, Fitness Director