Increase job performance, achieve ambitious career goals, and improve positive impact at work. In the highly competitive business world every professional can benefit from the competitive advantage that a coach brings. Successful leaders nationwide are taking advantage of the focused skills of a coach to help them to reach the next level in conflict and change management, strategy development, and execution. In today's business world concrete assistance in areas such as team-building and networking as well as managing diverse staff are critical in positioning organizations and individuals for success.


Today executives, senior leaders, and high potential managers use coaching in the same way that elite athletes do - to take them to the next level. Coaching helps to sharpen and perfect those skills that you already  possess,  while building and enhancing the skills that are in greatest need of development. As a result, leaders improve their communication and decision-making outcomes and learn to inspire their teams to greater performance levels. Successful professionals who have used coaching report that it was the single most important variable in creating positive outcomes for themselves and for enhancing their positive impact on the organization. ROI is concrete and measurable in terms of substantial improvements in business outcomes.

The Miller Advantage Group can help you to:

  1.   Develop and execute a plan for a major organizational change effort.
  2.   Manage a diverse team of strong personalities.
  3.   Quickly establish executive presence in a new job.
  4.   Secure a promotion within six months.
  5.   Create and lead a team through a high-visibility project.
  6.   Adjust your leadership style to suit a changing business environment.
  7.   Manage challenging relationships on the Board of Directors.
  8.   Identify and secure your niche in the organization.

Start seeing improvements in your organization right now!