As one rises in an organization issues and demands take on more complexity and weight. Mastering leadership capabilities becomes essential to accomplishing your organization's goals. Being able to understand, motivate, and communicate with a diverse staff of varying levels of education, experience, and perspective is vital in today's society and critical to business success. The best leaders accomplish this through engaging and supporting people in particular ways that have value for each individual.

Leadership is the ability to get things done through others in a way that respects and energizes them. Since leadership flows from within the leader it is more about who you are as a person and how you show up to others than it is about your title. Knowing yourself, having confidence in any business situation, and authentically engaging with others to further business goals is more than a concept - it's a skill set.


Professionals who master the skills of leadership are more adept at leading themselves, leading others, and leading their organizations. Miller Advantage Group provides the expertise and  guidance necessary to succeed using our three step methodology: 

Perceive > Conceive > Achieve

  • PERCEIVE: Become aware of defeating thoughts and self-talk which lead to a distorted and almost always negative perception of reality, and commit with confidence to a new more positive and enlightened perception of your challenges.
  • CONCEIVE: Devise a step-by-step detailed plan supported by your enlightened perception that will result in achieving the desired outcomes.
  • ACHIEVE: Execute your plan with support and guidance to accomplish your most ambitious goals.

As a result of this process our clients have taken effective action to work successfully with others, bringing about outstanding outcomes for their organizations. The process requires that each individual examine their current ways of thinking, doing, and relating to other people. It guides them to reflect on their own leadership style to determine where their style is working and where it is not. They are led to identify new more effective ways of being, leading to actions that increase their success with co-workers, subordinates, and teams.

Our leadership development approach is delivered in a variety of ways:

  •     Individual coaching and mentoring
  •     Workshops and seminars which emphasize experiential learning
  •     Leadership assessments
  •     Creating individual development plans to support the leader's or team's growth
  •     Working with the team or individual on real assignments and projects.
  •     Group troubleshooting and strategy sessions with experienced leaders in the company

Every individual, team, and organization is different and presents different challenges to the leadership function. We tailor each service to respond to these unique challenges to meet your particular organization's highest goals.