Training improves performance and prepares professionals to take on more challenging assignments. A customized training program can ensure that your staff have the tools needed to excel in their jobs. Proper training provides critical support to both new and seasoned staff and helps to set the tone and expectations of the organization.

Businesses must undergo continual change to survive and maintain excellence, and change requires the acquisition of new skills and competencies. Whether for a non-profit or for commerce,  Miller Advantage Group can deliver targeted training to bring your staff up to speed quickly and economically. We excel in mid-level organizational settings and can provide personal attention to ensure that your business experiences measurable outcomes right away.


Our training and development programs are customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. Training geared toward line staff, supervisors, middle managers, and senior management address the particular challenges and work demands specific to the level of responsibility. Training can be provided in workshops, full-day seminars, or retreats.

The following is a sample of training we offer:

  1.     Driving Change
  2.     Employee Engagement
  3.     Increasing productivity
  4.     Conflict Management
  5.     Translating Vision into Action
  6.     Situational Leadership
  7.     Effective Communication with Colleagues and Subordinates
  8.     Shaping Organizational Culture
  9.     Performance Management
  10.     Presentation Skills
  11.     Managing Cross-functional Teams
  12.     The ABC's of Mentoring High-Potential Staff


We offer a variety of industry-standard leadership assessments. Assessments are very effective in helping to identify opportunities for growth and development, succession planning, and goal development. Each assessment includes an individual personal development plan to support the individual's success in the organization.